Howdy 🤠!

I'm Chris!

I’m a Product/UX Designer currently living in NYC. I'm passionate about user-centered design, accessibility, and long walks on the beach. I'm also a certified Spongebob fanatic, musical theater connoisseur, food adventurer (I'm Yelp Elite!😎), and drag queen assistant/partner to @FridaCoxNY. Check out my stuff and let me know if you have any questions (ex. "Can I hire you?").

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Chris posing cutely in front of the Space NeedleMe standing in corn but spooky


Cute stuff I've done not necessarily related to UX 🎉

A play on my social media handle, "ChrisAteTheSun" 🌞

A cute pride animation 🌈

Social media flyers for @FridaCoxNY

A sticker I made for my dad 😉